Why Linux deployment could change everything

The release of Filemaker Server 19 with the new option of Linux deployment offers an alternative for business users which we have tested against the established market leader, Microsoft Windows Server 2016. But how good is it when compared with the Windows?

We have endeavoured to undertake a fair like-for-like comparison using the facilities provided by fmcloud.fm in France, Europe and on the eastern seaboard in the USA. We asked Claris Inc. whether we could also test their filemaker-cloud but that facility has not yet been made available, we hope to update…

This Cambridge startup’s privacy based solution enables people to easily, quickly and securely demonstrate their health status.

Explaining VIGOR Document Certification — with a little humour

A video explaining VIGOR Document Certification

Click to watch the short video

Key facts:

- It is here now
- It is in use
- It is App Store & Play Store approved

Please see the Appendices for practical considerations, project details and a technical description.

https://vigor.earth provides more information.

People want to simply and safely store their important documents

People generally need simple and safe means of storing their important documents which is under their own control and…

Hi Martin

I thought I had responded previously but if not then my apologies.

Our testing was on a real CentOS deployment and we received the best performance using Docker as opposed to not running Docker because, we understand, Docker distributes access to hardware resources more efficiently than would be the case when using a group of virtual machines.

If you refer to running a CentOS machine as a single complete instance, hence no shared or conflicting requirements from different users then I think you would be correct since this would make the entire machine available without the load created by Docker?

Its all back to the laws of Physics isn't it, the more you ask the machine to do the longer it takes?

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Cheers, Nick

What is No-Code or Lo-Code and why should I care? The importance of semantics in marketing productivity software.

People respond positively to an offer that they recognise either because they’re familiar with it or because it’s something new to which they are open.

Accordingly the meaning understood by the observer…

In their own words — here is why some really smart folk have continued to develop in FileMaker for up to 31 years.

A super-fast responsive photoblog web page created with Deskspace CMS — a new App built with FileMaker.

The FileMaker developer community includes many folk who have been developing solutions to business problems in FileMaker for up to 31 years — evidence of a very strong platform loyalty, unusual in a rapidly evolving software development environment.

So it is interesting to consider why that is? What is it…

An essential element in the user experience of the new FileMaker App deskspaceCMS is the use of curl to automate the upload of web pages and other resources to your web server. Nick Lightbody explains exactly how curl can be called from a FileMaker script under both OS X and Windows to achieve this.

“curl is used in command lines or scripts to transfer data. It is also used in cars, television sets, routers, printers, audio equipment, mobile phones, tablets, settop boxes, media players and is the internet transfer backbone for thousands of software applications affecting billions of humans daily.” The curl official site

Nick Lightbody

A British former lawyer designing sustainable micro responsive web sites because “less is better”.

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