COVID-19 Health Passport Controversy solved by App

Nick Lightbody
9 min readMar 29, 2021

This Cambridge startup’s privacy based solution enables people to easily, quickly and securely demonstrate their health status.

Explaining VIGOR Document Certification — with a little humour

A video explaining VIGOR Document Certification

Click to watch the short video

Key facts:

- It is here now
- It is in use
- It is App Store & Play Store approved

Please see the Appendices for practical considerations, project details and a technical description. provides more information.

People want to simply and safely store their important documents

People generally need simple and safe means of storing their important documents which is under their own control and will not disappear as the devices they choose to use change.

COVID-19 — the need to show health status

The current pandemic has made satisfying this need more urgent with the additional factor that we now may need to demonstrate to someone else that our document is genuine and not a product of Photoshop (other brands are available).

Travel in the time of COVID-19

Sophie Dekkers, the Chief Commercial Officer of EasyJet, an airline company based in UK, was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s The World at One 12 days ago when she described what Easyjet, wanted…

They wanted a simple fast easy to use system which enabled staff to quickly establish whether a passenger could demonstrate the appropriate health status in order to travel. They did not want a slow complex system linked to other existing systems.

Exactly a year ago we anticipated that what Ms Dekkers described would be required in the foreseeable future. We created a project with the informal…



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